Former Students

The Former Students´ Association represents all former students. The Association is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to strengthen the relationships between everyone who has studied at our College over its 160 year history. Apart from friendship, what unites former students of the Grand Association are good values, a sense of purpose in life and a certain personal disposition.

This integration of the Former Students is a characteristic of the personality of our College. Throughout the years, thousands of students have passed through our classrooms. All of them, without exception, are Former Students and make up a fundamental part of the history of the Grand Association College.




The Association has these objectives:

We invite all ex-students of the Grand Association who wish to continue to form part of our family to become members.


Serve as a channel for maintaining personal relationships which began at the School and to establish ways to enrich and intensify these friendships.


At meetings the Association seeks to foster, preserve and develop the friendships between former students through cultural, social, spiritual and sporting events and activities.


Encourage the will to collaborate between members of the Association to better achieve its objectives and to contribute to the creation of prizes and grants.


Carry out the activities deemed necessary for the attainment of the aforementioned objectives and to organise an annual day for former students and also events, services, conferences and meetings to help further the development of the Association.


Promote personal and professional development of the youngest members of the Association with the aim of incorporating them into the jobs market by the creation of its own jobs centre for members.


The Association also wants to have a voice, presence and commitment to society. Our mutual action as Former Students is open to other areas, to dialogue and collaboration with society.


Former Students Office

In the Former Students Office we have the following services and activities available to members:


Grants for Educators and Dining Room Assistants.


Grants for Religious Studies Assistants.


Relations with ex-students from European exchange colleges.


Voluntary work.


University guidance.


Annual General Meeting (usually held on or near 3rd November, Founders’ Day.


Online magazine.


Job Centre. Some of the tasks of this office include: establishing contact with former classmates and teachers, receive and distribute CVs, take in applications for jobs and grants and other functions.




Universidad de Valencia

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “Universitat de Valencia – Estudi General” and our College since 1999.

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” and our College since 2002.

Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “Universidad Cardenal Herrera – CEU” and our College since 2003.

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Martir

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “Universidad Católica San Vicente Mártir” and our College since 2003.

Universidad Internacional de Valencia

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “VIU” and our College since 2012.

Universidad Internacional Menedez Pelayo (Valencia)

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “UIMP” and our College since 2012.

Escuela Superior de Marketing – ESIC

Framework for Collaboration Agreement with la “UIMP” and our College since 2008.

Escuela de Negocios – EDEM

Collaboration Agreement with EDEM and our College since 2012.

Cámara de Comercio de Valencia

Collaboration Agreement with the Cámara de Comercio de Valencia.


Employment opportunities

At the Grand Association we are happy to receive your CV and to take it into full consideration. You can send your CV as an attachment in Word or PDF.

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Useful links

Resources for students and former students


Educaweb is a platform dedicated to the world of education, training and employment.

Comisión Europea

Information about European programs such as the Leonardo Program, professional training in European institutions and exchange schemes.

Servef Servici Valencià d´Ocupació i Formació

Portal about jobs and training from the Valencian provincial government.

Information about universities and schools in Spain.

Centro de información Juvenil IVAJ

Information about voluntary work projects, housing and courses abroad for young people.

Extensive information for young people: courses; grants; travel and job offers.

Cámara de Comercio de Valencia

Information about help for starting a business, courses, grants etc.

Empren Jove de la Generalitat

Free consultancy service and training in business management for young people from 18 to 35 years old.

Website about Master’s degrees.

Fundación Universia

Information about placements in companies, grants and advice.

Institut Valencià de Competitivitat empresarial

Support for innovative business plans.