Our pupils are students with critical and creative thinking committed to themselves and to the society. Our objective is that each student develops to the maximum their particular abilities and aptitudes, reaches the maturity and knowledge necessary to make decisions freely and is able to influence society in a positive way.

At the College we promote research, organisation and team work and foster the development of human virtues, especially sincerity, solidarity and respect. To achieve this we offer an open and flexible approach which takes on intellectual, cultural, sports, social and spiritual aspects of the students in accordance with their needs and characteristics.


Educating in Values

The College has always considered the development of our students as the ultimate goal of teaching.

Educating in values improves academic performance, reduces conflicts and makes students more committed to constructing a fairer society. For this reason, the College has worked for many years with a Plan for Developing Values which results in a vital and important element for assuring we accomplish our goal. Educating in values in our school has four fundamental characteristics:


Adaptation to the evolution of the student

The optimum moment for introducing the correct habits and values according to the maturity and personality of the students.


Parents and teachers working together

The College invites parents to participate in the Project. This is the best way to guarantee coherence and unity in teaching values.



Educating in values necessarily means talking to each student in a climate of trust in order to guide them in the process of accepting these new values. The personal tutor speaks frequently to their students to help them establish and meet their objectives.


Christian values

The Grand Association College, while always respecting the freedom of students and their families, instils the Christian values set out in its mission statement and promotes the habits and virtues necessary for coexistence.

Base on these ideals, we work with our students so that they adopt values of cooperation, respect, tolerance, responsibility, commitment, honesty, creativity or solidarity.

Ultimately teaching in values seeks to make happy people who are ready to face situations, opportunities and challenges in their everyday lives.


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